The Ravenswood Sessions

by Tim Rogner

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released January 3, 2012

All vocals and acoustic guitar by Tim Rogner. Drums, percussion, and strings programmed by Nate Thruman. Edited and mixed by Nate Thruman in Chicago, IL. All songs written by Tim Rogner. Photo by Dominika Fitzgerald.



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Tim Rogner Chicago, Illinois

Tim Rogner is one of the founding members of Chicago punk rock band, Allister. Beginning in 1998, Allister signed with Drive-Thru Records and went on to tour the world. They released a total of 4 albums and also had a certified Gold Record released in Japan. Tim is always writing and creating music and these are some of the acoustic songs he recorded in 2011. ... more

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Track Name: Southern California
Was born a drifter I've been making my way trying just to find my home I drank my way through foreign shorelines and back for a while From Manhattan corner dives to London stormy skies From coast to coast I've seen it all throughout the years but Heavy is a heart that lies waiting for something new Like I do

Somewhere there's a place I can go to rest my head
Somewhere that ain't too far from you

Southern California on a Saturday night Summer stars are shining and we feel alright Singing to the radio that's playing the whole night through
Southern California on a Saturday night We're dancing in the shadows of the morning light Hand in hand we're laughing 'til the sun steals the sky from the moon

Been up for days now I'm all worn down Staring at the open road This repetition has got me feeling tired for a while So I packed up for the night and left there with a smile Sometimes you gotta take a break from everything you love Or there's a chance it'll never come back to you Back to you

We could drive across all of America Sail across the ocean while we wait for the world To tie us back together cuz without you I keep falling apart...
Track Name: La Diosa
She's a prisoner of the city Bound by promises of sidewalk fame So she lies to try to fight it Addictions breathe new life to broken dreams

So she takes another drag off of her only cigarette And she stares into the mirror as she cries As the tears are rolling down her face They burn a trail that makes her feel alive

Heaven can wait dear girl, there's a place for you right here

She's a San Fernando starlet All dressed up like a pageant beauty queen Shows her face at all the parties Painted up like high society

As she rides along the valley in her crowded limousine The reflection of the night across her eyes Now with shaking hands she tries to hold the only friend that makes her feel alive

Just don't expect the world to cater to you It's a long road back to the place you're coming from Just don't expect the world to wait for you It's a long road back down to the bottom if you fall...
Track Name: Drive
Breathe so I can feel you on me Trust in everything you believe There's a million different reasons why I should hold back but I've come too far to sever it all Do or die I've taken the fall

And so let's drive under cover of a blood red sky Another mile 'til we finally step out from the darkness of the night We'll wave good-bye to the former lives we'll leave behind as they fade away into the rearview while all the streetlights pass by

Wait just for a while and you'll see This could be everything that you need It's the perfect ending to a life of promises and ideals that have fallen apart Now this time it's right from the start

So drive with me til the end of the road we're on Ride this out 'til we end up alone Fate is all all that we can make of it What do you want to make of it tonight?
Track Name: Waiting on The Gallows
We stare through the firelight lost in the shadows of silence and charlatan games Whispers of failure echo with laughter through the lines on each desolate face

But all I see is the darkness and all I feel is the wind blowing on my skin so cold

Are we all just waiting on the gallows to fall down towards the shallow graves That we've been digging since 1999 We'll fall back with arms crossed, heartsick and buried alive (so far down)

We lie in the moonlight restless and weary Dreaming with eyes wide awake How quickly we forget what we've been fighting For now it seems we're too late

Cuz all I taste is the bitterness All I feel is the weight of a world so heavy now

I'm alive once again
Found this voice once again
Track Name: "Til You Come Around
Standing in the back I'm staring through the crowd I watched you pack you bags and leave without a sound You caught a flight to Hollywood I guess there's so much left that you still had to see you said you'd call collect or write eventually but here we are two worlds apart

Now the summer days go by so slow I can't see why You said it was all for the best

I'll be waiting, waiting, I'll be here waiting, waiting 'til you come back around

It's hard to sleep at night without you by my side I wake up every hour trying just to find an answer or a reason why Was it something that I said or something that I did The words you left me with keep ringing in my head How could I have known that this is good-bye

Now the drinks go down so slow and I just can't let go Of all that we had now it's gone

But all our hearts break she said Time after time again You've got to get by but I just keep running in circles I feel like I'm losing my mind, yeah

But I won't be waiting, waiting, I won't be waiting, waiting for you Won't be waiting, waiting, I won't be waiting, waiting 'til you come back around
Track Name: Maybe Someday
Paint me a picture or write me a song Send me a postcard with love from them all I might be gone but I'll always be right here for you To watch and to wait while your dreams come to life I'll be your angel that shines in the night As bright as the stars on wings that will carry you through

But the pain in her eyes said his memory will stay locked away Inside of a heart that's been shattered and torn since that day And his spirit lives on every time that she calls out her name To be taken away while so young is a goddamn shame

Cry for the good times and laugh for the bad But don't shed a tear for the words left unsaid I'll hear them all each time that you kneel down to pray With roses and letters that lay in the wind Dropped off each night that a new year begins Let the words etched in stone be like a slogan to carry you through

But maybe someday you'll see him again...